Companies Across all Industries benefit from Incenter’s Managed Security Services.


New regulatory obligations are handed down everyday for insurance companies. Find out which regulations apply to you and how you can continue to enable your brokerage.                        


The ABA Modern Rules of Professional Conduct now make it required that “lawyers  have a reasonable expectation of privacy in communications.” Legal firms of all sizes must now be prepared to show that they are doing everything possible to secure their business.


Build trust for your current clients by establishing a comprehensive cybersecurity program. Establish confidence for potential new clients by ensuring their data will be protected.

Small Business

Small businesses are becoming a major target for cyber attacks. The FTC recognizes that SMBs must do more to protect their customers and data. Secure the enterprise; enable the business to grow.

Everyone Needs Cybersecurity, Incenter Delivers

The FTC requires all companies that participate in interstate commerce to show a ‘reasonable’ cybersecurity program. For all regulated industries and most small to mid-sized companies, cybersecurity has been a recognized need for some time. Senior managers cringe when they hear about large retailers, health insurers and US DoD breaches. They know they need it, but it often takes a back seat naturally to the needs of the business.

Incenter’s Advantage: Managed Security Services offers an end-to-end cyber comprehensive security program, GRC ready at a fixed price.

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