It wasn't an Aha! moment. It was more like an Oh No! moment.

Once upon a time....

...Incenter Tech president Scott Baron ran the in-house cybersecurity program for a major U.S. lending institution with many smaller satellite entities.

He quickly realized that the smaller entities didn’t have access to the same level of cybersecurity as the Mother Ship. 

The Oh no! moment:  The companies most likely to take a breach or compliance hit— smaller financial services firms with fewer resources— were the ones least prepared to survive it. 

CEO’s and IT leaders who fully understood the risk to their organizations were living in a persistent state of worry because there was no practical or affordable way to resolve it. 

They didn’t have the answer.  But Scott did.  And that’s how Incenter Tech was born.
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Incenter Technology protects over $1.5 Billion in Client Business Assets!

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