Patient NPI, HIPPA & HITECH compliance, Systems Security, we’ll cure what ails you. 

Small to mid-sized healthcare and healthcare-related providers - including specialty practices and physician groups, small pharmacy chains, physician and nursing trade associations, medical device and therapy developers, and manufacturers and clinical trial organizations — must comply with the same HIPPA as large hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. Maintaining the army of IT and compliance resources in-house is simply impractical and cost-prohibitive.  

That’s where Incenter Tech comes in. Not only can we protect your systems, patient portals, and email channels with threat monitoring and protection, but we’ll also help you with all the HIPPA and HITECH compliance audits and risk management reporting, too. 


Healthcare execs want to maintain cybersecurity compliance but feel stuck. 

Stuck between what you know and what you don’t know.

You know cybersecurity has become a huge concern - especially as hackers increasingly target healthcare companies and professionals to gain access to and control your systems. Do you know where the greatest threats to healthcare are? (Hint: Ransomware, Data Theft...) For small to medium-sized healthcare companies with limited resources, prioritizing threats is key.

Stuck between compliance and the cost of compliance.   

Half measures and piece-meal solutions are not enough to protect you or meet compliance regulations. The cost of implementing a more robust and audit-ready solution is just too expensive to contemplate. No worries. Our teams know how to work with your IT experts to provide cost-efficient cybersecurity that won’t break the bank.

Remember, doing nothing can turn out to be a lot more expensive than doing something! 

Stuck between your Board of Directors and IT.

This is a tough one. Your board of directors looks to you to ensure business continuity and protection. You’re not a security expert, and it isn’t easy to have a cyber security conversation with your IT teams or providers. That’s where we shine. We understand the pressure on you; we’re technologists ourselves. We talk the language and know how to collaborate, not dictate, on cyber healthcare solutions. 

Applicable Laws

Call us today to set up a NO OBLIGATION consultation, where we will run a free vulnerability report on your public cyber security posture. You can use to this remediate on your own, or we can help you! Small steps now, can save you panicked effort in the future.