Q: Does your program work in the cloud?

Incenter Technology is a 100% cloud based company. We reside in AWS, while our largest client has an extremely large Azure presence. All of our tools and systems will work in the cloud and are designed to ingest cloud logs and events. To answer your question better, we need to talk about what you mean by cloud.

Most cloud deployments these days are Infrastructure as a Service type deployments. This means that you deploy virtual servers to the cloud, but these servers consist of a full operating system and behave just like a physical server. Our complete tools stack will work for these types of deployments.

More recently, companies have started to move to server-less and container type systems. Using tools like docker and kubernetes, companies can create automated CI/CD environments that can be completely rebuilt or even grow as the needs change. For these, traditional OS based agents do not work particularly well. This is because each new server will try to register with the tools but the server may only exist for a short period of time. For these “ephemeral” type systems, we take a different approach. We start by ingesting all related logs from the cloud provider. We then focus our attention on the container. Each container is scanned and evaluated for vulnerabilities before it is deployed to your environment. This process focuses the attention on remediating the vulnerability in your environment and using the cloud provider log to monitor and evaluate for anomalous behavior. Incenter Technology has experience deploying this type of environment. In fact, our CI/CD environment uses a combination of docker, AWS Fargate, and AWS Code Pipeline.